FAQ HG-004

Q01. About the hydrogen concentration in breathing Air.


The normal air we breathe consists of 78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 0.04 % carbon dioxide ….


HG-004 generates 30 mL hydrogen of 99,99 % and more purity per minute, while an adult who is relaxed breathes approximately 6000 mL air in one minute.

Therefore, one can inhale the air including about 0.5 % (30 mL/6000 mL×1000.5 %) of hydrogen by using HG-004 which is very safe.



Please note: It is dangerous to generate and inhale a concentration > 4 % hydrogen in air which is equal to > 240 mL/min. H2 in 6000 mL air.




Q02. When and how long should I inhale hydrogen?


You can inhale hydrogen whenever and as long as you like. However, some reports say that such intermittent inhalation as the alternation of 15-minute inhalation with 45-minute break is more effective than continuous inhalation. Regardless of how long you inhale, increasing the hydrogen concentration will put your body in a better condition.


HG-004’s mobile usage provides the freedom to inhale whenever and wherever you like.  Thanks to HG-004’s internal battery, you can introduce HG-004 into your daily life.




Q03. Are there any risks or difficulties breathing hydrogen?


Hydrogen inhalation is already integral part in several medical treatments.

The safe usage of hydrogen is no secret anymore; hydrogen is added into divers' gas cylinders to prevent them from submarine sickness or nitrogen narcosis.


In average, an adult breathes about 6000 mL of air per minute. HG-004 generates 30 mL of hydrogen in a minute. As a result, there are no risks on inhaling this amount of generated hydrogen while breathing normal air.



Q04. What hydrogen sources are available for inhalation?



      Hydrogen Source






- Hydrogen Gas Bottle

  from local gas supplier

- Cheap solution.

- A 10-liter hydrogen bottle

  contains 2000 Liter pure

 hydrogen which is enough

  for a couple months.

- Controlled quality.

- Difficult handling due to 

  Heavy bottle.

- Dangerous because of

  high pressure of 200.

  Especially, when bottle

  is not secured.

- Need for additional

  Equipment like pressure

  and flow regulator.



- Hydrogen Gas Laboratory


- Pure Hydrogen because

  they are made for

analytical applications.


- High pressure

- unnecessary high flow rates

-Electrolyte contains very

  often KOH.

- Generates often ozone and hydrocarbons.






- Hydrogen Generator for

  Inhalation - (Hg-004)

- 100 % for inhalation.

- Safe handling due to

  regulated pressure and

flow rates.

- Pure hydrogen gas

- Generated with purest

  double de ionized water.

- Sometimes portable usage due to battery.








- Brown’s gas (HHO) generator

- Cheapest way to generate hydrogen.


- These are usually modified   HHO generators made in


- They are originally not manufactured for inhalation.

  Originally used for torches to process refractory materials and used for welding or for cars.

- Questionable gas quality   

- Dangerous because of

  O2/H2 mixture. Also know as Knallgas/Bang-Gas





Q05. Is hydrogen dangerous?


Hydrogen is a stable gas and never flames by itself. Hydrogen mixed with oxygen may ignite; however, this is only possible if the concentration of hydrogen is more than 4% or less than 74%. (4%<H2<74%). The purity of hydrogen generated from HG-004 is better 99 %, so you don't need to worry about ignition or other dangers!


This is very different with HHO/Brown’s gas which is recently offered for inhalation. HHO/Brown’s gas is also called Oxyhydrogen, a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases. A ratio of 2:1 hydrogen/oxygen is enough to achieve maximum efficiency for detonation. Due to its dangerous mixture, Oxyhydrogen is also referred to “Knallgas” (German) or "bang-gas" (Scandinavian).




Q06. How much purity and amount of hydrogen does HG-004 generate?


HG-004 generates about 30 mL hydrogen with a purity of 99 % or better.




Q07. How does HG-004 generate hydrogen?


HG-004 generates hydrogen gas and oxygen gas by electrolysis of water.


The generated hydrogen and oxygen are separated inside the main unit.

The hydrogen gas flows from the hydrogen outlet to the inhaler, while oxygen gas flows out from the pressure release outlet.




Q08. How long can I continuously use it?


A sequence of operation automatically stops after 30 minutes. However, you can press the start/stop button to restart it immediately.




Q09. How long can I use the electrolyte?


You can operate about 30 rounds of 30-minute running with one electrolyte filling.

Please change the electrolyte every two weeks, regardless of how many times you used it.



Q10. What are the components of the electrolyte?


The electrolyte is common double deionized water that can be bought in a pharmacy or online.




Q11. How long does HG-004 operates with a battery?


You can operate at least 2 rounds of 30-minute sequences with a fully-charged battery.




Q12. How long is the life of a battery?


About 500 cycles (15.000 minutes).




Q13. How long is the guarantee period?


24 months.




Q14. How about the running costs?


The running costs are extremely low. Deionized water and electrical energy are everything you need.




Q15. Is it easy to change the electrolyte?


The change is very simple and includes only 2 easy steps:


- 1) Completely dispose the old electrolyte.


- 2) Fill in new electrolyte. Approx. 60 mL.




Q16. How can I clean the inside of the tank?


The inside of the tank can be cleaned by changing the electrolyte. This is enough to keep the tank clean. If you continue using the old electrolyte to operate HG-004 for more than two weeks, you may shorten the life of the device because some impurity ions will increase in the electrolyte.




Q17. Are there any other tasks to maintain it?


No, there is no need to change parts or anything else. Your only task is the regular change of electrolyte.




Q18. Is it OK if I sterilize the nasal inhaler?


If you want to sterilize the nasal inhaler, please use alcohol. Do not put your nasal inhaler in hot water. Nasal inhalers are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC); they are not heatproof.




Q19. Where is the unit manufactured?


HG-004 is made in Japan. We guarantee for well-known high Japanese quality.




Q20. Do you have a patent for HG-004?


The patent is now pending. (The patent application number is 2017-117503)




Q21. Does it happen that it generates ozone or hydrocarbons?


As HG-004 works with very pure electrolyte and low energy, it does not generate impurities such as O3 or hydrocarbons.