La Briller Elan - Hydrogen Inhalation

Hydrogen Inhalation, La Briller Elan
Hydrogen Inhalation, La Briller Elan

La Briller Elan, HG-004

Pure Hydrogen Generator

1.198,00 €


Technical Information

  Dimensions:                          115 x 77 x 135mm (WxDxH)


Weight:                                  600 g


Power supply:                       240-110 VAC,  12W

                                                 mobile: Lithium Ions battery


  Battery:                                  Lithium Ions battery: 3.7V 5200mAh


  H2 concentration:                  < 1 % H2 in breathing air


 H2 generation:                           30 milliliter per minute


 H2 quality:                                > 99 % (oxygen is separated)


 Accessories:                           AC/DC adapter, battery, power adapter, USB-cable, 

                                                 double distilled water, nose and neck diffuser


 Maintenance:                            Only 60 ml double distilled water refill every 2-3 weeks.


Questions & Answers

Maximum H2 intake

30 minutes hydrogen ihnalation is comparable with drinking 60 liters of hydrogen water (1,2 ppm).


 < 1 % Hydrogen in brathing air is very safe.



> 4 % hydrogen in air plus  an additional ignition source

becomes dangerous.

HG-004 cannot generate this high amount